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Siphon coffee: what a luxury. When I have enough time, I love making it at home. Usually, as the title of this blog suggests, it happens on the weekends because it’s such a messy, labour-intensive way to make coffee. But it’s also the nicest-looking way that I’ve ever seen coffee made, and it yields such […]

Tofu. The word conjures up images of bland, mushy food, vegan hippies or those yoga and nature are all you need for good living types… none of them are particularly appetizing. Tofu needs a good marketing campaign. Enter: Manly Tofu! Simply the best marketing ever. They could be selling anything and I would want it. […]

These pictures are just a sample of hundreds of products I’ve seen with faces. I think it would be possible for every single item in a Japanese apartment to have a face. Seriously. -j.