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Siphon coffee: what a luxury. When I have enough time, I love making it at home. Usually, as the title of this blog suggests, it happens on the weekends because it’s such a messy, labour-intensive way to make coffee. But it’s also the nicest-looking way that I’ve ever seen coffee made, and it yields such […]

I work at this cafe in crack-town on Saturdays. I’m there because I like it, it’s exciting at times but generally pretty relaxed.  Last shift a couple guys came in for coffee, my friend recognized one as the latte-art champion of Vancouver. He’s actually the 7th best barista in Canada. He did a review of […]



I’d like to follow up that DIY post by Jeremy with a coffee related post about Starbucks, in a Geneva-neutral tone. I went to Seattle this weekend and visited the one that started it all in Pike Street market. If you stripped the green aprons and recognizable menus from the store, you’d totally forget that […]

Cafe Bon-Bon


I pulled a double espresso shot into a drinking glass at my old job in that Radio Station Cafe. I let the shot run a few seconds longer than usual to create rich caramel-coloured crema that rests on top of the espresso. Then I poured sweetened condensed milk into the espresso, and let it sink […]