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Ok, I like the whole indie rock thing; seeing an amazing band in a small venue is breathtaking, but its just so hard to keep up with the trends. I sometimes read, unfortunately the reviewer’s taste is usually so weird that it warps my own perception (yea, Pavement and the Neutral Milk Hotel are […]

If Japanese people do something, they do it to the extreme.. or not at all. Yesterday I went with my girlfriend to find freshly roasted coffee. In Canada or Australia, this would mean finding a micro-roaster where we could ask what date the beans were roasted, and just hope that we could buy some roasted […]

Does true love exist? That is the premise of Paper Heart a documentary/comedy starring Michael Cera & Charlyne Yi, who I only recognize as the weirdo girl who was high as a kite for most of Knocked up. I think I watched this trailer 6 times tonight, almost beating my record with Where the Wild […]

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