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Playlist Beach House- Zebra Beach House-Used to Be Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM Charlotte Gainsbourg-Le Chat du Cafe Des Artistes Charlotte Gainsbourg-La Collectionnieuse Beach House- Norway MGMT-The Handshake Air-Do the Joy Air-Sing Sang Sung Animal Collective- Taste Broken Social Scene- World Sick Julian Casablancas- Left & Right in the Dark xx

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“Among the first things John and James showed me was a little red Moleskine pocket notebook, three and half by five and half inches in size. Each page within was covered in their father’s neat, extraordinarily tiny handwriting–the cursive equivalent of three point type. In his later years, Hughes never went anywhere without one of […]

This is what I was watching while drinking coffee last week. While the use of pesticides outside my window does concern me a bit, it’s also pretty nice to see real farm work from the comfort of my living room. I thought about the farmer’s life. Even though we occupy a similar geographic space, we […]

Siphon coffee: what a luxury. When I have enough time, I love making it at home. Usually, as the title of this blog suggests, it happens on the weekends because it’s such a messy, labour-intensive way to make coffee. But it’s also the nicest-looking way that I’ve ever seen coffee made, and it yields such […]

Brasstronaut was supposed to have a new album out this month, but it’s been delayed until early 2010. Instead, there is a new video for Old World Lies. Aaron Read, who you might recognize from the Sunday Service, is theĀ  guy in the boat. Apparently the open ocean is his biggest fear, and he almost […]

I love those classic barber shop signs. When I was very young, I would just stare at it, they look so cool! Now, when I see those blue and red twirling signs, I can’t help but feel small again. -jer.