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Found this site as I was creeping someone on fb. I just so happen to be listening to Radiohead’s ‘Nude’ and the visuals time with the music so beautifully! This is like when someone had the bright idea of putting ‘Nosferatu’ against ‘Kid A’ except it’s so much more enchanting. xx Advertisements



Happy 1 year birthday TIWIDOW! Although I’ve been neglecting writing on this blog I still look forward to the day I look back in a few years time and re-read posts to reflect on my/your taste level at that moment. It’s the same feeling I get when I read an old diary from my childhood, […]



Isn’t this lady cool? I want to start dressing in cute menswear. There will be a slow transition between what I presently own, and all this good stuff. Pleated khakis are not just for Grandpa! Well..according to I think it goes back to that Annie Hall aesthetic I really like. I realized last week […]