Keep Writing


“Among the first things John and James showed me was a little red Moleskine pocket notebook, three and half by five and half inches in size. Each page within was covered in their father’s neat, extraordinarily tiny handwriting–the cursive equivalent of three point type. In his later years, Hughes never went anywhere without one of those notebooks in his person the better to record anything that popped into his head at any time he wished: observations, incidents, editorials, inventories, theories, vignettes, overheard conversations…JOhn and James have found, so far more than 300 pocket notebooks among their father’s effects and these are but a drop in the bucket of what Hughes left behind, archival papers, old correspondence, personal journals, thick binders containing works in progress, and gigabyte upon gigabyte of computer files.” -“Sweet Bard of Youth” Vanity Fair article on John Hughes



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