Siphon coffee on the weekends






Siphon coffee: what a luxury. When I have enough time, I love making it at home. Usually, as the title of this blog suggests, it happens on the weekends because it’s such a messy, labour-intensive way to make coffee. But it’s also the nicest-looking way that I’ve ever seen coffee made, and it yields such a sweet, delicate drink that it’s totally worth the hassle. It reminds me of Clover coffee, but with a lighter body and more interesting high notes. I love it.

It’s starting to catch on in North America, but I would  be surprised if it ever goes beyond the grass-roots stage. Siphon coffee is too messy and time-consuming for most of the larger coffee shops, although there are some curious exceptions. Here in Japan, it used to be the preferred method and is still quite popular. There’s even a siphon competition at the Japanese Barista Championships.



4 Responses to “Siphon coffee on the weekends”

  1. yeah dude!
    if only you were still in bc.
    our halogen bar is preeeetty top notch. just started brewing an El Salv COE today, whoooo-eeee!

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    mmmm… cup of excellence… I’m actually putting a different El Salv through the siphon right now. It’s splashing blueberries across the roof of my mouth.

    Love to check out the halogen bar. Discovery coffee always knows what’s going on.

    Everyone else, please check out


  3. Definitely have to agree with the visual aspect, they look pretty awesome, especially the halogens, but I find it’s very easy to botch a pot… that’s probably just me.
    Oh! And Jer! There’s a guy working at an espresso cart in Victoria that used to work with you at JJ on main, his name is Jesse. He says hi.

  4. 4 Liz Bitar

    oh man. when i first saw the pictures… i thought you were doing some kind of recreational drug… of the serious debilitating sort… oh i’m so glad i read on…

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