Brasstronaut+ Aaron Read= Awesome.


Brasstronaut was supposed to have a new album out this month, but it’s been delayed until early 2010. Instead, there is a new video for Old World Lies.

Aaron Read, who you might recognize from the Sunday Service, is the  guy in the boat. Apparently the open ocean is his biggest fear, and he almost drowned making the movie.



2 Responses to “Brasstronaut+ Aaron Read= Awesome.”

  1. That’s an awesome video, and I’m totally with Aaron on the fear of open ocean…. If I can’t see the bottom, I get more than a little anxious. Add to that trying to carry a tire upward and swim using just your legs, and I could see where it would get a bit technical…

  2. Very cool vid but I can’t agree on the open ocean bit. Makes me miss the feeling of coming back to shore and feeling dizzy because the ground isn’t gently rocking. Happy to live so close to the water.

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