What’s wrong with this poster?



What “revolution” is this phrase referring to? While advertising generally uses punctuation in the most liberal way possible, this is still too much. I think the point of those quotations is to draw attention to that one word. And that’s wrong.

Michael Cera does appear on this blog a lot, and yes, he does have a mustache in his newest movie. I have no explanation for either of those occurrences, but for some reason I’m happy about them.



One Response to “What’s wrong with this poster?”

  1. 1 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    The first two paragraphs of the review for ‘The Informant!’ in the Vancouver Sun last week went into detail about the use/misuse of the ‘!’. It reminded me of this. Grammar is trendy!

    I’m drafting my next Michael Cera blog AS WE SPEAK!


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