Details & Best Blog Ever #1: Strangers


My favourite blogs are purely observational. I like knowing the little details of things, stories, and people that few people care to think about.  If  I’m meeting someone for the first time, details are what compell me to remember facts and places and keep me interested in what they have to say. Tell me a story and I will interrupt you because I want to know the colour of the person’s shoelace and what song was playing in your head when you said you didn’t like what you were eating! I have a penchant for these orphaned details! When I was a kid learning English I used to read this series of books about a detective girl with a photographic memory.I think if I were a superhero, I would want to have that as my superpower so I can remember images throughout the day and describe them with such finesse and detail to another person so they too could feel like they were there seeing that image with me. This of course could easily backfire as there are some really ugly/heartbreaking things in the world–like seeing an emaciated dog shaking on a Tokyo street corner, or watching an old lady running for the bus and tripping.

I came across this blog recently called STRANGERS through the writer of, a pretty awesome Vancouver food blog. The detail and hilarity of this writers wit is so awesome, even touching at times. It’s a shame the last update was in July, I love these type of musings and observations of Vancouverites. Reading her words paints such a vivid image for me that I feel like when I’m at a busy street corner, or on a B Line, I’m searching for these people as well. Good read, check it out!



One Response to “Details & Best Blog Ever #1: Strangers”

  1. 1 Jackie

    Thanks, you guys. Super unexpected kindness from a blog that I love to look to for inspiration. I wasn’t sure where next to go with my blog and wasn’t even sure if people read it, but props from you will help me keep keeping. Thanks again.

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