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Brasstronaut was supposed to have a new album out this month, but it’s been delayed until early 2010. Instead, there is a new video for Old World Lies. Aaron Read, who you might recognize from the Sunday Service, is the  guy in the boat. Apparently the open ocean is his biggest fear, and he almost […]

I came across a Werner Herzog interview in Vice a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to say something about him for a while. The first time I heard about Herzog was during an episode of Ebert & Roeper at the Movies maybe four or five years ago. They were reviewing Grizzly Man, […]

I love those classic barber shop signs. When I was very young, I would just stare at it, they look so cool! Now, when I see those blue and red twirling signs, I can’t help but feel small again. -jer.

What “revolution” is this phrase referring to? While advertising generally uses punctuation in the most liberal way possible, this is still too much. I think the point of those quotations is to draw attention to that one word. And that’s wrong. Michael Cera does appear on this blog a lot, and yes, he does have […]

Tofu. The word conjures up images of bland, mushy food, vegan hippies or those yoga and nature are all you need for good living types… none of them are particularly appetizing. Tofu needs a good marketing campaign. Enter: Manly Tofu! Simply the best marketing ever. They could be selling anything and I would want it. […]

My favourite blogs are purely observational. I like knowing the little details of things, stories, and people that few people care to think about.  If  I’m meeting someone for the first time, details are what compell me to remember facts and places and keep me interested in what they have to say. Tell me a story and I will interrupt […]