Low-fi is the new high res.


Ever see those people holding their cell phone out at arm’s length, trying to take that perfect picture. With a cell phone. What are they thinking? Get a real camera! A decent camera can make anything look good, right?

Maybe not. IMG_0207

This blog is strictly low-fi pictures, and they all look amazing. The compressed format and terrible lens gives these pictures a surreal quality, like an impressionist painting.. or like a musician (Bon Iver or Iron & Wine) recording a great album on low-fi equipment, preserving that crackling on the tape to give it extra atmosphere.

Either way, I think I’ll be taking out my cell phone a bit more often. And not just to photograph cute Japanese things.



One Response to “Low-fi is the new high res.”

  1. Yes, this fellow has a very good eye! I’ve been into the same thing lately. The trick, of course, is that he’s using “Camera Bag,” a $3.99 app that allows one to add various filters to the basic image. Without it, iPhone pictures really are bland: run them through “1962” or “Lolo” or “Helga” and you’ve really got something!

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