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Wish upon a…


Many people in Japan go to temples with the same attitude that North Americans go to church only on Christmas and Easter. They go when it suits them, and for reasons more selfish than spiritual. That’s not to say everyone’s like that—there are still devout followers—but the majority are there at convenient times for themselves. […]

Ever see those people holding their cell phone out at arm’s length, trying to take that perfect picture. With a cell phone. What are they thinking? Get a real camera! A decent camera can make anything look good, right? Maybe not. This blog is strictly low-fi pictures, and they all look amazing. The compressed format […]

These pictures are just a sample of hundreds of products I’ve seen with faces. I think it would be possible for every single item in a Japanese apartment to have a face. Seriously. -j.



Spatula + Deer = Moose..? ヘラ + シカ = ヘラジカ So, in Japanese, a moose is a Spatula Deer. Awesome. -j.

This is what I eat on weekends: Portions in Japan are much smaller, but there are a so many of them that it ends up being quite a lot of food. Also, it looks nicer than single, huge main dish. -jer.