Penguin Classic Reissue #1

Julie Doucet cover art with clever descriptions of the girls thinking as regular teenagers

Julie Doucet cover art with clever descriptions of the girls thinking as regular teenagers. The title is shiny and red like Christmas tinsel!

A page from My Most Secret Desire (

A page from My Most Secret Desire (

I think some people would be surprised to know that next to Annie Hall, Little Women (1994, dir. Gillian Armstrong) is my favourite movie. I watched this movie non stop when I was 11 or 12 using a dubbed VHS copy that my dad made for me after we rented it from Blockbuster (he was hip to all the illegal pirating stuff).  I still have that copy, it’s got all these little stars and things I drew on it because I loved it so much. It’s such a great tale of family, female camaraderie and relationships that I was really intrigued by. Jo is easily the most relatable for me because I wanted to be her–I wanted to have Laurie as a best friend, I wanted to pursue a career as a writer, and I wanted to seek adventure in New York. I tried to finish the book a few times but as it happens, life gets in the way and I never did. Last year, one of my most surprising birthday gifts was a Penguin Classic reissue from my friend Jane. What I loved was that A. She remembered how I told her of her that it was my favourite movie, and B. it was a beautiful reissue with new cover artwork by Montreal born cartoonist Julie Doucet. I recognized her work instantly because it has this dark, dirty, or what I call ‘lefthandedness’ to it that I find pretty distinct. I read her comic My Most Secret Desire waiting in line at VPL way back when. It’s not really for the faint of heart.

I only recently started reading Little Women again. It’s awesome. You just have to throw out the version you have in your head and imagine new faces for the characters. I had to take a break from it because I just finished the chapter when Beth receives the piano from Mr. Laurence and I started to get teary. Go pick it up!



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