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This is a coffee party that a friend and I are planning. It should be lots of fun.. Advertisements

Does true love exist? That is the premise of Paper Heart a documentary/comedy starring Michael Cera & Charlyne Yi, who I only recognize as the weirdo girl who was high as a kite for most of Knocked up. I think I watched this trailer 6 times tonight, almost beating my record with Where the Wild […]

The Happiness Project was playing at Red Cat Records when I was in there today, and it just blew my mind.  It’s the first solo album from Charles Spearin, the lead guy from Do Make Say Think, who has also done a lot of work with Broken Social Scene. He interviewed his Toronto neighbours about […]

This place is at 108 E. Hastings Street—cracktown. In the last year it’s gone from being just the dusty shell of an abandoned building to the coolest destination in the city. It opens on Saturday. You heard it here first. -jer.