Happy 1 year birthday TIWIDOW! Although I’ve been neglecting writing on this blog I still look forward to the day I look back in a few years time and re-read posts to reflect on my/your taste level at that moment. It’s the same feeling I get when I read an old diary from my childhood, or old emails from 1998. Or, on a more unrelateble level, it’s like looking back at a strange department store catalogue from 1976 and thinking wtf why were people buying wheelchairs from Eatons? But I think that’s another post for another time.

The reason I haven’t been updating is because I do nothing on weekends. You spend the week looking forward to it and then not a lot happens. Ok that’s a lie, plain and simply I’ve just been negligent.  But here are a few things that have caught my eye thus far for 2009:

1. book

I was randomly checking up on new updates on Adrian Tomine and I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw the 800 page collection/autobiography called A Drifiting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. A.T. has illustrated the cover and done the intro. Of course I had never heard of this writer but apparently he is the originator of Manga. I immediately went out and bought one of his collections called Good-Bye and it is one of the most scincerely depressing works I’ve read in a while (and I’m reading a Sylvia Plath book right now). The beautiful binding makes this book a standout. If you go into Golden Age Comics downtown and scowr the racks of Asian reads you really start to hate the standard format of Manga comics out there.  Thinking about the standard white binding is gross. Good-Bye is a book you’ll be proud to display and (maybe) share.


You’ll have to go to a bookstore and see Good-Bye, it’s worth it!!

2. a)Fashion

I’m craving something new from Sofia Coppola. I think if I were to inhabit someone else’s body for a few years, say, from 1999-2005, I would like to be her. Married to Spike Jonze, commissioning Air to do your film soundtracks (Virgin Suicides/Lost in Translation), writing wonderful films, promoting your Japan only fashion line (Milk-Fed) and making wine with your rich dad on his winery…all in a days work for Ms. Coppola. Unfortunately, she isn’t really working on anything film related that I’m aware of yet, but she has finished a line with Louis Vuitton that encapsulates her simple, effortless style. I guess I’ll take what I can get for now because I admire her work so much.



You have probably been here before but this is a good fashion blog with interesting insights: The Sartoralist


This is one of the few fashion blogs I visit where there’s a bit more of a story going on in the photos. The whole fashion blog phenomenon is sort of interesting to think about. So many of them have been popping up recently that a standard has developed for the photos on these websites. A slightly boring standard.  The Sartoralist breaks that mold and I like that! Who developed that standard anyway? The Cobrasnake or Vogue?

3. Music

Listening to lots of wordy lyrical music right now…some of it anyway.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,  Abattoir Blues (Of the two sides, this one is much stronger), Leonard Choen too, who Cave rips off pretty blatantly.

Simian Mobile Disco, Attack Decay Sustain Release – They are playing on Thursday at the Commodore, possibly maybe seeing them again. Last time I went I felt like I was in 24 hour party people.

That new song by the Killers, I think this is a really good pop band that I don’t feel embarrassed liking. ‘Human’ reminds me of ‘Forever Young’ by Rod Stewart and I like that. I get visions of me in the backseat of my parents car listening to a soft rock station. This memory isn’t really old, I think it was probably like 2003, going to Ikea on a Sunday or something.

xo mariz


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