Radiohead remixes


Reckoner is the latest single by radiohead and has been released in six separate tracks, so now you can remix it here any way you like.

If you bought InRainbows when it was released onto the Internet, you’ve probably gotten an e-mail about the release. The tracks are available on itunes for a dollar each, or you can listen to 30 seconds of the intro for free. I wanted to try a remix but didn’t want to buy the tracks, so I set up garageband to record off of the speakers. This works really well because the microphone on an imac is pretty close to the speakers. I tinkered for about 20 min before I got bored. Good thing I didn’t buy the tracks.

As a song, I prefer Reckoner, but the remixes of their previous single Nude are way better. Maybe because the song’s in 3/4 people tended to shy away from the heavy downbeat of club and house tracks.

Radiohead isn’t the first band to do this. The Barenaked Ladies made their tracks available for the first time like five years ago, but they kinda suck. At least compared to radiohead.



One Response to “Radiohead remixes”

  1. 1 jonnythegreat

    hey jeremy, check this out, a cover of Reckoner, done by Gnarls Barkley!
    i personally think its pretty cool. even with the crappy live recording quality.
    dont get me wrong, the original is still the shizzle, ya kno wut im sayin?

    just search on youtube, “Gnarls Barkley – Reckoner (Live Radiohead Cover)”

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