ghetto fabulous Ghetto Fabricationz

Lane using his angle grinder to chop off a cable stay.

Lane using his angle grinder to chop off a cable stay.

Lane is a bike messenger in Melbourne who started Ghetto Fabricationz about a year ago. There’s a huge pile of bikes in his backyard he and figured that it would be better to see them being ridden than rusting away. He builds them into ghetto vintage bikes with new parts that he’s sourced from bicycle distributors.

Mina and I dropped by on Sunday-Bike Day a few weeks ago to put a bigger bike together for her. We stripped an old bike down to its frame in about an hour and came back a week later to build it up with random parts that we found laying around a three different rooms. I’m pretty stoked on the finished product.

I don’t think that Lane makes a profit from this, and he doesn’t even charge for his time. What a bloke. XD  !!!

Mina's bike, locked up to my bike.

Mina's bike, locked to my bike.

We had to put a shorter stem on her bike (that’s the bit that attaches to handle bar to the rest of the bike). And she’s still looking for some handlebars with less rise, but overall it’s pretty hot. Plus, it sorta matches my bike: single speed, skinny tires, flat handlebars. Nice.



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  1. Sweet picture and sweet bike

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