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Isn’t this lady cool? I want to start dressing in cute menswear. There will be a slow transition between what I presently own, and all this good stuff. Pleated khakis are not just for Grandpa! Well..according to
I think it goes back to that Annie Hall aesthetic I really like. I realized last week I am really attracted to female heroine driven films like Annie Hall, ( Jo in )Little Women, (Charlotte in) Lost in Translation, to name a few because they’re women who manage to balance personal style, brains, real conviction, and independent thought pretty effortlessly. I also noticed that that admiration seems to continue on in my everyday life, with the wonderful, beautiful friends I have who all represent different parts of the characters mentioned above. These are qualities I am trying to emulate still.
That being said, I don’t think personal style can ever be reduced to the purely superficial, that is, if you give it meaning and wear that meaning proudly.
to be continued…

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