los campesinos


You said “send me stationary to make me horny”
So I always write you letters in multicolours
Decorating envelopes for foreplay
Damn extended metaphors, I get carried away
On the back of a natural disaster, fixed with parcel tape and with kids sticking plasters
Nothing says ‘I miss you’ quite like the poetry carved in your door with a stanley knife.

I cherish with fondness the day before i met you.

I saw this band last night with you say party! i say shut up (the new name i made up for them) and they weren’t bad! Nice Welsh band with a punky sound, lots of energy and wonderfully sad lyrics against a catchy beat..i like it. Thank you to Angel for the ticket xo.


2 Responses to “los campesinos”

  1. 1 Keenan

    i saw you say party! i say shut up as the opener for K-Os (i know, right). i agree with your one-phrase review.

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    yeah they are bad!

    but actually funny you mention that because K-os was there last night and said ‘hey whatsup” to me! It was so dark i thought it was some white guy with dreads..seriously my eyes are bad.

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