so damn good


So I went to Seattle this weekend with my parents and did all the lame touristy things. Before we headed back up to Canadaland, we went shopping at some bulk grocery store. I forget the name but whoa, best grocery store ever. It’s crazy how cheap food is in the states, compared to here. My mom bought one of those bbq sauces that you normally get in at IGA or whatever for like $3.50 for 78 cents. Exact same thing. The one thing I was looking for was this Kozy Shack brand rice pudding because Kelly had been going on and on about it. But even prior to that, I had tried their chocolate pudding and had been amazed by how good it was. It was more gelatinous then other puddings, and creamier, thanks to the all natural ingredients: You can get it in Canada for sure, but it was sort of special coming from the states! They only had the chocolate pudding in 22oz containers, so we got the rice pudding instead which is so yummm. It tastes like this filipino version of rice pudding, but the filipino one is made with coconut milk and creamed corn and other good things.



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