Cafe Bon-Bon


I pulled a double espresso shot into a drinking glass at my old job in that Radio Station Cafe. I let the shot run a few seconds longer than usual to create rich caramel-coloured crema that rests on top of the espresso.

Then I poured sweetened condensed milk into the espresso, and let it sink to the bottom. The rich bitter taste of espresso balances the sticky-sweet taste of condensed milk very well. Plus, it looks great.

This is a specialty drink that I had all the time in Melbourne. I only know of one cafe in that city that does it, so I went back to the same place all the time. It is like drinking candy- so rich and sweet. It’s important to stir the drink together before you take a sip. I didn’t take a picture of everything mixed together because it just looks like a brown drink; this looks far nicer.. mmmmm.. cafe bon bon.



2 Responses to “Cafe Bon-Bon”

  1. 1 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    Hey! Hate to burst your bubble friend but you can get this same drink at Pho Hoang on Main st., or, any other Pho place in Vancouver that serves Vietnamese coffee! The only difference is that its served iced which tastes soo damn good after a big bowl of pho…

  2. 2 jer.

    yea, that place is nice (18th and Main..yea?) I wish I noticed these on the menu! Now why wasn’t I looking for espresso drinks at a Viet restaurant..
    When I make it at home, I usually add ice. It’s nice during our short summers.

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