“like boys”


comme des garconsJust in case someone fashionably out of your league hasn’t told you yet, the dude who designs for Japanese label Comme des Garcons is doing a line for H&M. And that is so exciting because the new one is opening right infront of Club Monaco at Pacific Centre in about three weeks! The line includes men, womens, and kids.

Hmm..the first time I heard about CdG, i was walking through Gastown with my old friend Kate and we went into that crazily intimdating glass house-like store Richard Kidd a couple of years ago (now the new John Fluevog). The sales girl looked like something out of a haute couture anime convention. Everything was like $400, even for ugly torn up blazers. Then she mentioned that Gwen Stefani song that mentions them. So that’s what I think of when i hear CdG…Harajuku Girls.



3 Responses to ““like boys””

  1. 1 Keenan

    I would never have thought a post like this could go completely over my head. I’ve been proven wrong.

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    haha uhh hey keenan ivory wayans. I should mention the ugly blazers weren’t by comme rather by some other house label.


  3. 3 jer.

    those shorts! All these outfits would be fine without those posh english little boy shorts. I can’t tell if I want a pair.. I think I do.. Why are the Japanese so fashionable?

    I’m leaving just before H&M opens. When I get back everyone will be wearing their stuff. I hope it raises the bar for fashion in Vancouver.

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