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ooh la-la..a Chanel biopic starring Amelie… Advertisements

3.5 x 2 in xo

I love perfume advertising because they rely 100% on the creation of emotion and fantasy to sell. Sure, that can be easily said about thousands of different things, but perfume is different in that it’s a luxury item that no one has any particular use for except to smell better than average. That interests me […]



I’d like to follow up that DIY post by Jeremy with a coffee related post about Starbucks, in a Geneva-neutral tone. I went to Seattle this weekend and visited the one that started it all in Pike Street market. If you stripped the green aprons and recognizable menus from the store, you’d totally forget that […]

so damn good


So I went to Seattle this weekend with my parents and did all the lame touristy things. Before we headed back up to Canadaland, we went shopping at some bulk grocery store. I forget the name but whoa, best grocery store ever. It’s crazy how cheap food is in the states, compared to here. My […]

Cafe Bon-Bon


I pulled a double espresso shot into a drinking glass at my old job in that Radio Station Cafe. I let the shot run a few seconds longer than usual to create rich caramel-coloured crema that rests on top of the espresso. Then I poured sweetened condensed milk into the espresso, and let it sink […]

my muxtape


this is what I’m listening to now. -jer.