what are you listening to?


I don’t think this is a super useful method of acquiring music, but it’s fun to see what other people are listening to. I think I listened to “ooh la” 20 times today, partially beacuase I thought I was imagining Pete Doherty repeatedly singing that line “your pretty pretty petticoat”…so hot. Then I realized it wasn’t him singing but The Kooks. Oh yeah, and it’s one of the songs we play at Club Monaco, so scratch that to 40 times. Join now!


5 Responses to “what are you listening to?”

  1. 1 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    that song from The Kooks is sooo awesome. I love that dance-able English rock. sweet mix (mux?) tape


  2. from the nerd end of the table, let me pass you some more music+technology awesomeness. this particular tune is Lovely Head by Goldfrapp and comes with a free visualization made by Robert Hodgin. both the music and the video are mesmerizing. don’t stare into the light. too hard.

  3. 3 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    cool…reminds me too much of windows media player, but in a more sensual way i suppose. it also looks like a magical expanding condom.

  4. magical expanding condom. haha.

    i’m thinking this guy gets some pretty sweet gigs designing these visualizations for concerts, maybe night clubs.

  5. 5 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    related but unrelated, the concert i went to see last wednesday from these djs called simian mobile disco had the most AMAZING light show..crazy seizure inducing light show, it was intense and i’ll probably never forget it. that would be a pretty cool job, i think.

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