Bike Polo


Bike Polo is like regular Polo, but with bikes! These guys (and some ladies) play every Saturday at Granview Park on Commercial Drive.. They start anywhere from 2:30-4:00pm.

I rode my bike there to take pictures and was coerced into playing a couple games. This sport unbelievably hard to pick up. I thought my background in cycling and hockey would somehow merge and sort of prepare me for this, but no, they didn’t at all. I still had fun tho, circling the court in an aimless fashion, wielding that sweet mallet.

Also: If you feel like getting no help whatsoever, head down to Dream Cycles and talk to the big bearded dude about Bike Polo- he either hates the sport, the players, or me.. (or was just having a bad day.) I was happy to leave and take all my future bike work to Mighty Riders; the best shop in the city.



2 Responses to “Bike Polo”

  1. 1 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    Aww this is such a commercial drive post! I guess its just the way you wrote it, you captured the feel of the street. Kudos! I will ignore the grammatical errors.

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    yea, wow. there were many grammatical errors. feel free to be my copy editor. Hmm, does the word “either” mean only two? Oh well. It’s not like this is going into a newspaper.

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