Olive & Clementine


Future Wikipedia description

Olive & Clementine Is a lifestyle brand/specialty store founded by friends Jenna Wray and Mariz Manansala. Based in Vancouver, the two left promising careers in the community development/publishing world respectively to develop their own vision of a retail experience that would rival those of their favourite independent shops. Inspired by the likemindedness of their peers, endless hours of fawning over beautiful fabrics and obsessing about a vision of opening right next to Betsey Johnson on Alberni st., the house is perhaps best known for birthing the hugely successful Begonia line that specializes in luxury home apparel that can be best described as “whimsical…like a table full of 16th century teacups from France…” (more to come)

pick the prettiest one

pick the prettiest one


6 Responses to “Olive & Clementine”

  1. 1 jer.

    The first one! ..but with the & symbol of the second one.

  2. I’m casting my vote for d). Where’s the name from? Can’t wait to hear more…

  3. 3 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    thanks for being a fan Daniel! I like the cursive ones at the bottom myself. As for the name, Jenna and I were talking about names we liked, and I think I mentioned how cute it is to name people after food, so I was beginning to imagine my future twin girls (i will have kids one day SOLELY for this reason), named Olive and Clementine, with matching bowl haircuts, yknow kind of like my hair is now? Muhahaha, and we were inspired. THAT’S THE STORY!


  4. 4 Jenna

    Awww…. Olive and Clementine! Mariz it’s been put on the back burner lately, we have to get on that. Since we’re both making “capital” now… hehehe

    – love

  5. 5 Jenna

    ps. I like the cursive too…

  6. 6 natedizzle

    i like number 8 and coke floats!

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