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it’s the beat


I’m seeing this duo tomorrow, quite excited now! Advertisements

I don’t think this is a super useful method of acquiring music, but it’s fun to see what other people are listening to. I think I listened to “ooh la” 20 times today, partially beacuase I thought I was imagining Pete Doherty repeatedly singing that line “your pretty pretty petticoat”…so hot. Then I realized it […]

A cookie monster’s confession Ever watch Sesame Street? ‘Course you have. And of course you know how to get to Sesame Street. For all its neatness and kid-friendliness, one has to wonder if it has a dark side to it. Something sinister slithering, suppressed by the superficial veneer of PBS. Well, folks, it seems that […]

New Banksy


Banksy seems to have hit the sweet-spot between audacious art and street-wise graffiti. His work isn’t complex and profound, it’s simple and to-the-point, like advertising. and I think that’s ok. He did this piece on Sunday while being monitored by CCTV. I robbed this from here: -jer.

Bike Polo


Bike Polo is like regular Polo, but with bikes! These guys (and some ladies) play every Saturday at Granview Park on Commercial Drive.. They start anywhere from 2:30-4:00pm. I rode my bike there to take pictures and was coerced into playing a couple games. This sport unbelievably hard to pick up. I thought my background […]

Future Wikipedia description Olive & Clementine Is a lifestyle brand/specialty store founded by friends Jenna Wray and Mariz Manansala. Based in Vancouver, the two left promising careers in the community development/publishing world respectively to develop their own vision of a retail experience that would rival those of their favourite independent shops. Inspired by the likemindedness […]

This is what I’ve been using to steal music lately. I don’t want to get into the stealing vs. supporting artists debate. If you like a band, please buy their music. This site also has like a million mash-ups. To look at most of them just search the word “vs” .. generally they’re pretty good. […]