i got a haircut



I get a lot of anxiety over cutting my hair. It comes from years of abusive bowl-haircuts c/o my mom. But today I got the BEST haircut ever at Tomo-Tomo by Joyce Skytrain Station! Not only was the cut exceptional, but the service was excellent. Plus their business cards have Blythe dolls all over them! They usually scare me, but I am beginning to understand their influence on hair/fashion. Flipping through their hair styles books was hilarious–all the girls had the same, congenial look, blue/green contact lenses, and the same haircut! It was sort of like that scene in Lost in Translation when Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansen are at a shabu-shabu, and Scarlett looks at the menu that basically consists of raw meat on plates and is like “I don’t get it.”



2 Responses to “i got a haircut”

  1. Ah, I love that movie. Everytime somebody brings it up I wanna watch it again… never happens, though. Only seen it once.

    By the way, she’s not exaggerating when she says, “the BEST haircut ever.” It’s awesome… especially when the head is being shaken like a member of a hair metal band.

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    YAY thanks Daniel: 1. for reading the blog 2. for approving my hair

    sofia coppola is my favouritist directrice…LOT has so many quirky, beautiful moments…and JAPAN! wow. She’s pretty much my hero…

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