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When i make my millions after becoming a publishing baron, i’m going to dress like this everyday. Hair and all. PS. for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Advertisements

Me and a friend searched Langara College for good style. After wading through a sea of sweatpants and baggy hoodies, we found these.. I think these people know how to be both subtle and stylish- a balance that is pretty unusual around this campus.

Can’t get enough of this duet, the original is probably one of my favourite songs ever. Thom Yorke does Patti Smith justice for sure…espescially at 4:20.

My current favourite author/illustrator, Adrian Tomine just launched his official website here. The site itself is pretty blah, but if you haven’t read any of his stuff, I really recommend the Optic Nerve series, and its conclusive collective, Shortcomings. It’s basically about this guy, Ben Tanaka, who has this fascination with Caucasian girls, which understandably […]

this is funny


transport for london

I get a lot of anxiety over cutting my hair. It comes from years of abusive bowl-haircuts c/o my mom. But today I got the BEST haircut ever at Tomo-Tomo by Joyce Skytrain Station! Not only was the cut exceptional, but the service was excellent. Plus their business cards have Blythe dolls all over them! […]

This piece is from Champ. It’s by far the sickest piece of street art in Vancouver; it’s SO intricate. Czech it out on the big red barn on 2nd and Quebec.