who, me?


are we the enemy?

ok, this has obvious war connotations, but other than that, i like it. it’s interesting to think that i am someone’s enemy.. maybe because of my skin or my background or my faith.

i was on a native reserve a few years ago doing missions work, and i made friends with one guy about my age who lived there. one day he admitted to me that in highschool he beat up white kids like me. he has changed, but if i met him a few years earlier things would have been different.

you are someone’s enemy.

i am someone’s enemy.



2 Responses to “who, me?”

  1. Does the fact that it’s posted on a tree mean something? Maybe they’re being more specific, like we’re the tree’s enemy. And who could argue that?

  2. 2 thisiswhatidoonweekends

    haha, actually it’s on power lines.. whoa, we could go somewhere with that.

    oh, and it’s on commercial by like 4th or 5th.. um, above that big white coffee shop. at least it was the last time I went by and looked up.

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